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There are so many photo booth companies to choose from. Why are you different?
Our photo booth is an actual booth, designed and built by us. Many companies have a "booth" that consists of poles which hang a fabric backdrop with a camera on an automatic timer with no instant photo strip to take away. With Parrott's Photo Booth, you actually get in a vintage-inspired booth, sit down, smile and pose, preview your photo strip, and voila an instant photo strip to take away.

courtesy of Fat Orange Cat Studio
So our guests get a photo strip and another goes in a scrapbook? How does that work?
Our photo booth is designed to print two of the same photo strips on one 5 x 7" sheet of professional photo paper. Our attendant will cut the sheet in half so your guests take away one 2.5 x 7" photo strip which includes 4 unique photos and the second 2.5 x 7" photo strip is mounted in your scrapbook that we provide.

How many photos can we take?
As many as you want! Seriously.

Who takes the picture and how do we take it?
You take the photo! Simply follow the directions on the touch screen and smile.

Can we preview the images before the photo strip prints? Can I delete my strip if I do not like it and start over?
You can preview the photo before the camera snaps and there is a countdown on the screen before the camera snaps again. You will see a preview of your strip before it prints. If you do not like it, start over!

How big is the photo booth? Is it heavy? Will you be able to get it in my venue?
Our photo booth is 78" long, 34" wide, and 77" tall. The photo booth compartment is very spacious at 46-3/4" long and 30-3/4" wide. The photo booth weighs approximately 350 pounds. The venue needs a ramp or an elevator that will accommodate the photo booth to allow access to the venue. Once we know the venue of your event, we will be in contact with them for the logistics. We are familiar with most event venues in Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire and should be able to answer you right away about whether the booth will work! Download more detailed information about the photo booth, by clicking here.

courtesy of Fat Orange Cat Studio

How many people fit in the booth?
You may comfortably sit 2 to 3 adults. However, we have seen as many as 7! You'll have to see it to believe it.

Do you do outdoor events?
We sure do! If you have a tented event with a floor there is no extra charge. If the booth is going to be by itself, there is an extra fee to bring and set-up a floor and 10' x 10' tent in case of inclement weather. We can discuss the logistics of outdoor set-up upon booking.

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